Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rum B Que!

Join us for the longest day of the year the way you know that you should: with a pig roast and rum punch.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

We're getting Hot Hot Hot!

Sure the temperatures are getting colder, and ice cold cocktails may not be all that appealing, but we at Pittsburgh Cocktail Week have the cure. In partnership with Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina we are hosting our first Hot Cocktail Party Sunday, December 1. We'll be outdoors on the patio but we'll keep warm with a fire pit, flaming punches and, oh yeah, some traditional loggerheads.

We're not talking about warming your drink with a sea turtle, but rather an iron rod that was traditionally kept in the fireplace at taverns in the winter. The hot iron would be thrust into a drink with some hissing and some popping to flash heat the drink. We'll also have a feuerzangenbowle for a traditional German hot mulled wine (and so Will can play with fire). We'll also have the traditional Hot Toddies, Hot Buttered Rum, Tom and Jerries, and more. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, and include 1 cocktail.

Tickets are available here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vote Now!!

A big part of the events of Pittsburgh Cocktail Week is the cocktail competition between the participating venues. Each bar has come up with a special drink for this week that is representative of Pittsburgh or the Pittsburgh cocktail scene. The winner of this cocktail competition will win $1000 of new glassware from New Castle based Steelite.

So how do we determine who wins this fabulous prize package? You get to vote! This voting is important, not like voting on American Idol, because it is voting on booze. There are 3 ways to vote, thanks to our partner RhoMania. If you have an Android device you can download the stand alone Pittsburgh Cocktail Week App.  If you have an Apple device the stand alone app is coming but it isn't here yet, instead you can use the Grail App. If you don't have either device you can still vote on your computer here.

However you do it, the voting is open and live so get out there and try the drinks and vote for your favorite!

Also be sure to check out the events calendar to find our events.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Updated Events Calendar

We're coming into the home stretch now and our days and nights are filling up with awesome events and great people. We have Tequila Monday at Verde, Ice Ice Tuesday at the Livermore, Wigle Wednesday, Boyd and Blair Thursday, and fun times on the weekends. Our Afternoon sessions are scheduled for noon to accommodate our booze industry brethren and evening sessions for the public start at 7 most nights. You can see the full calendar below. (Be sure to set the month for September.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Events So Far

We're excited that we have a number of events already planned and more in the works. Our plan is to have an event during the day for the industry folks. These classes are focused on more in depth and advanced topics and then in the evenings we'll events for the drinking public.
The exact times are still being determined but we do have our days planned out.

Monday, September 16: Tequila Classes at Verde.

Tuesday, September 17: Ice carving and shaping at Livermore

Wednesday, September 18: Wigle Wednesday! Aging Seminars. Late night industry social event at Bar Marco

Thursday, September 19: Flair Bartending with Mike Mills of Meat and Potatoes (industry only)

Friday, September 20: Johnny Foster of The Artful Drinker on Craft Spirits (Industry)

Saturday, September 21: Will Groves of the Butterjoint on Shrubs and preserving for Cocktails.

Sunday, September 22: Wrap Party at The Omni William Penn Speakeasy

We're still planning out some more events so stay tuned. You can see the calendar here.

Also don't forget about our No Menu Monday "No Menu N'at" at Bar Marco, August 26. There will also be some special tastings of wine and whiskey, (tickets here,) and silent auctions including restaurant gift cards, prize packs, and more.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Update 8/7/2013

Hi Everyone,
We're chugging right along toward our cocktail week on Sept 16-22 and our events calendar is starting to fill up. We're going to have a maximum of two events a day during the week. One event during the day for the industry and one at night for the drinking public. Already we have Wigle Whiskey doing two seminars on aging, Bobby Fry from the Livermore talking about ice, Will Groves on Shrubs and preserving for drinks. And we have more events being planned all the time.

Our cornerstone for the week is the drink competition. Each participating bar will have a signature cocktail that represents Pittsburgh for the week. Then using an app being developed by Rhomania, the public will vote for their favorite drink. Right now Pittsburgh's best bartenders are making tough decisions as they work to develop their drinks for competition.

If you want to submit your event for consideration or are ready to submit a drink recipe please use the forms below.

Event Form

Drink Form

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drinks Submittal

Interested in submitting your take on an Imp'n'Arn for a Pittsburgh Cocktail Week drink? Been delicately infusing some Boy and Blair with your own selection of locally grown fruits and herbs? Here is you chance to submit a drink for inclusion in the Pittsburgh Cocktail Week official drinks. These drinks need to be focuses on Pittsburgh in some way. Whether that's a new take on a Pittsburgh classic, a drink made with local spirits, or featuring local produce; these drinks will represent Pittsburgh. See the form for more details.